Thursday, February 16, 2012

At The Ready

Greetings Bloglings!

I have decided that I am going to participate in the Pagan Blog Project! I realize that we are already 47 days into 2012 and I also realize that I have missed letters A through C, but I am not going to NOT participate just because I missed the beginning.  So tomorrow I shall begin my Friday postings beginning with the letter D!

I have SLACKED on the Spiritual Nomad class that I paid for, so I plan to undertake that today and Monday.  I am ok with the slacking on that though because my thought process is this:  I will come to it when I am ready to.  Just as I will come to everything else in my life and in my plans. 

The Witches Reboot starts on Saturday morning!  I am excited, and scared, but I am ready for it too.  I have my juicer and my fruits & veggies all ready to start.  Don't know what I am taking about?  checkout This is a podcast done by my friend Rylynn that details just exactly what we are doing. You may also want to check out and if you have the Almighty Netflix, check out a documentary called "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead."  This movie is a huge inspiration to me.

There is just SO MUCH CHANGE going on all around me and within me.  I love the feeling that I have these days of awareness and of feeling like I am looking at something in a new way and that it has always been right before my eyes.  I was just to caught up in everything else to see it.  How crazy is that??  Crazier still is the fact that this change is not just in ME.  Its in the collective consciousness of the world, in the plants, the trees, the animals.  Its in my family, in my friends, its in me, its in you... its in us ALL

So much to learn... 

Love to all,


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