Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Dream Day in the life of Essa

I was just watching Oprah and I was thinking about how a day in my life would work if I had no limitations whatsover.  Nothing to do, no where to be, No obligation to anyone but myself.  I know that this is an unlikely scnario, though not impossible.  Here is a look at my Dream Day:
6:00a - Wake up and cuddle with the cat while reflecting on my dreams.  Make a note of anything I may find significant in a dream journal.

6:15a - Throw on my workout clothes & make a hot cup of tea and go outside to water my garden and catch the sun coming up.

7:00a - Head to the track to walk or ride my bike

7:45a - Head home for a hot shower & get dressed for the day

8:00a - Make bed, Do dishes, start laundry and other household stuff while listening to one of my favorite podcasts

9:00a - Meditate

9:30a -  Do something creative.  Paint, blog,  read, write, decorate.  Anything to fuel the creative fire.

9:35a - Be  interrupted by an inquisitive cat. Repetedly.

11:30a- Make something awesome for lunch.  Healthy and delicious would be my only 2 requirements.

12:00p - Eat lunch and veg out playing a video game or watching Netlfix. This also doubles as Kitty Play Time or Kitty Bath Time, alternately.

2:00p - Do something completely witchy.  Spellwork, study, research... anything as long as its totally witchy.

4:00p - Spend an hour doing something really nice for myself.  Book a massage, paint my toes, get a haircut, that sort of thing

5:30p - Hang out with my husband for a while outside in the garden

6:00p - Start Dinner, fold laundry, clean cat box

6:30p - Feed the cat who is quite obviously starving to DEATH, and eat dinner with my little family.

7:00p - One more trip to the garden for quiet time and more meditation

8:00p - Climb in bed with Leo & Teh Kitteh and watch a movie until I fall asleep around 10

So, it looks like my dream day is nice, simple and relaxing :)  This is what a normal day would be like if I ruled the world.  I may do an upcoming post of what a Dream Week would be like if I had no obligations and unlimited funding :)

While I would love to have a dream day every day, I do still have that pesky thing called a job, so while I can't do all of these things every single day, I know that I am able to incorporate some of these things into my daily life if I just need to buckle down and do it. It was super fun to plan out my Dream Day so feel free to try planning out your own and let me know how it turns out!